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Water shortages dominate the news every week. Perilous droughts in Africa, South America and Califormia emphasise the deterioration of the environment. Increasingly, experts are warning that the world is heading for ‘water bankruptcy’. Maude Barlow, Senior Advisor on Water to the United Nations General Assembly, says that policymakers employ the wrong premises. They view water shortages as a consequence of climate change, whereas unsustainable water consumption is a significantly more important reason.

Greenmaker needs less water and fertiliser, thus contributing to the attainment of sustainability targets. It also responds to the resolution of businesses and governments to reduce the emission of harmful substances. The use of Greenmaker substantially reduces the amount of energy needed to maintain and heat a pitch. The unique thing about Greenmaker is that it does this in an entirely sustainable way. Without the addition of chemicals: 100% natural.

Greenmaker is 99% clinoptilolite, a natural zeolite, which is able to absorb up to 660 litres of water per cubic metre, without the soil becoming saturated. The high CEC value ensures better, more efficient use of fertiliser and slows down the speed with which minerals are removed from the grass surface. 100% mineral, it is safe for people and animals. Greenmaker thus seamlessly fits in the cradle-to-cradle philosophy.

“Greenmaker’s sustainable character sets it apart from other products. It is 100% natural. When you use Greenmaker, you need much less water and less fertiliser, and you emit less CO2. Three environmental advantages for us all.”

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