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‘The assets are on the pitch’ is an oft-heard assertion in elite sport. Sportspeople and clubs leave no stone unturned – financial and physical – to ensure optimal preparation. Strikingly, the same rarely goes for the playing surface. Yet, all told, it is key to world-class performance.

Driving for show, putting for dough: ultimately golf is a game of inches. The trophies are decided on the green. Winner or loser, hero or zero. Players spend countless hours on the putting green, leaving nothing to chance; the greenkeeper is completely devoted to the sacred grass. Both are fully aware that sporting success will remain illusive if the surface is not at its best.

Greenmaker is the ideal foundation for optimal turf and green, a prerequisite of success for sports clubs and golf course owners. The Greenmaker effect is most noticeable in extreme climates (cold, heat, drought or precipitation). It results in a levelling out of oxygen, water and nutrient contents in the soil structure, so conditions are significantly easier to control.

Proper application of Greenmaker has the following sustainable effects:

  • Improved soil structure quality
  • Better, stronger plants
  • Optimal plant nutrient accessibility
  • Lower water consumption
  • Lower energy costs (particularly under-soil heating)
  • Optimal management of natural nutrients, fertiliser and plant protection
  • Easier soil maintenance, because critical margins during extreme weather are increased through optimal water management

“I have been working to improve grass for 25 years now. Only when I realised how effective zeolite application is, did I understand that the key to a world-class playing surface is the addition of this product.

But at the same time, not all zeolites are the same. After years of research we have managed to develop the perfect variant for soil structure. It is a zeolite from southeast Asia with the ideal characteristics and granular composition, which we first brought to market under the Greenmaker name in 2007. With Greenmaker we ensure the soil structure improves in a sustainable way. From football clubs to golf courses – the reactions have been enthusiastic. The result is quickly apparent and –more importantly – structural.”

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