Greenmaker does business in Qatar

This month Greenmaker has undertaken a successful trade mission to Qatar. As a supplier of a product that provides the best possible conditions for achieving turf grass for elite sport, Greenmaker has spoken, amongst others, to the National Olympic Committee, National Football Association, Doha Golf Club and Al Sadd, Qatar’s largest football club.

Raymond van Kerkvoorden, general manager: "It has become clear to us that Qatar is willing to do everything within it’s power to stimulate grassroots and elite sport. This is expressed in the interest in partners who can support the sheikdom in realizing it’s ambition. For example, we are in talks with the prestigious Doha Golf Club to conduct a trail with Greenmaker to explore the degree in which our product can contribute to water savage."

Al Sadd is also looking into the possibilities to maintain a lush and green football pitch that can survive Qatar’s extreme climatological conditions. The club’s current pitch is in a poor state. Given the fact that the Greenmaker zeolite is capable of retaining up to 66% of it’s own weight in water without the soil becoming saturated, it not only provides the best possible conditions but also achieves substantial savings on water and maintenance. This added value is most notable in hot and dry climates, such as Qatar’s.

The trade mission was commissioned by the EVD, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Agency for International Business and Cooperation.

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