Greenmaker effect for Golf Centre Amsteldijk

Greenmaker forms the basis for the 9 holes golf course currently under construction as part of the Golf Centre Amsteldijk project. By applying Greenmaker during the construction phase, an optimal Greenmaker effect is attained.

Knowing that rounds are won and lost on the green, Greenmaker is applied as a soil improver to the top layer of all greens. Application of the Greenmaker zeolite guarantees an optimal water absorption as well as increased oxygen content, thereby providing the best possible conditions for sportive success.

Furthermore, the sustainable side of the Greenmaker effect also plays a large role at Golf Centre Amsteldijk. The golf course developers are determined to obtain the ecolabel Committed to Green, part of a programme supported by the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) targeted at stimulating course owners to be more environmentally conscious. In order to carry this ecolabel a course owner needs to complete several stages, including developing an environmental care plan. It speaks for itself that the sustainable qualities of the 100% natural Greenmaker product will largely contribute to the intended ecological developments.

Golf Centre Amsteldijk is being built in the Bovenkerkerpolder, south of the A9 motorway and approximately 15 kilometres south of Amsterdam’s city centre. In addition to a 9 holes golf course, the centre will contain a club house (based on an existing farm house) and a driving range. The plan is an initiative of Loogman Vastgoed B.V. in collaboration with golf course designer Alan Rijks.

The Greenmaker effect is Greenmaker’s unique threefold added value:
1.Optimising the conditions for world-class sporting performance by producing the optimal soil structure.
2.Supporting sports clubs and golf course owners to achieve cost savings by optimising water and heat retention, minimising maintenance and saving energy.
3.3. Achieving this added value in an entirely sustainable way, thus making a fundamental contribution to the environment.

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Greenmaker forms the basis for the 9 holes golf course currently under...
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