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The budget is under pressure at a lot of sports clubs. When revenues decrease due to diminishing sponsor income, cost savings become increasingly vital.

In football the quality of the pitch is decisive for the quality of the play. And nowhere is grass quality more crucial than in golf. Not only for golfers, but for course owners too. Course image and quality are vital marketing assets. The period the course can be used is highly dependent on the grass recovery time. Maintenance, lastly, especially water consumption, is also a substantial cost.

The correct soil structure therefore has both major direct and indirect financial consequences, extending much further than simply its technical added value. The use of Greenmaker results in significant costs savings because water and heat retention are optimised. At the same time, maintenance and energy consumption are minimised. The economic benefits of this Greenmaker effect is also felt most in extreme climates (cold, heat, drought and/or precipitation).

“At Roda JC we have found that, with the application of Greenmaker, optimal pitch conditions and cost savings go hand in hand.

The application of Greenmaker has ensured that we spend less money to keep the pitch at the right temperature. A benchmark study shows we saved an average of € 20,000 in pitch heating costs last winter – through the limited application of Greenmaker – compared with other Dutch professional football clubs. With full application, that can even rise to € 40,000. The maintenance budget is also smaller. As a consequence, we will earn back our investment in Greenmaker and then some.

As well as savings, it’s obviously also important to produce the best possible pitch, something we at Parkstad Limburg Stadium have had problems with for years. Shortly after we applied Greenmaker we hosted Louis van Gaal’s AZ. When you hear one of the world’s best coaches – whose style of play is highly dependent on a perfect surface – say that Roda JC has the best pitch in the Netherlands, it is the ultimate confirmation that Greenmaker produces a win-win effect.”

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